•   Prof Steve Peters, The Silent Guides x3

    Read about

    Steve Peters book The Silent Guides gives guidance on understanding and developing the mind throughout life. Books included are Silent Guides, The Mind Management and My Hidden Chimp

  •  Tea tree  essential oil tested for purity and quality control

    Natural treatments

    Organic tea tree oil is an essential first aid kit must have. Great for infections and oily skin/acne. Also good in insect/bathroom sprays etc. 10mls

  • Peppermint 100% Pure Grade Essential Oil

    Food supplements

    Peppermints aromatherapy properties are : Acne, Dermatitis, Ringworm ,Scabies, Neuralgia, Asthma and breathing issues, Colic and cramps, flatulence, acid reflux, nausea and travel sickness to name but a few! Must be used in moderation and be allergy aware. Can be used for steam inhalation in diffusers or the bath and ingested for nausea and cramps etc, in small quantities. 10mls

  • Peppermint Pure Essential Oil

    Liquid nutrition

    Organic peppermint essential oil is a favourite for indigestion type symptoms and oily skin/acne. 10mls