about eightlife

Hello my name is Theresa Eden and I am the founder of Eightlife. I would like to explain the ethos behind eightlife, but perhaps it would help if I started with some background about me.

I am a product of our times, dealing with my family, my relationships and work, in fact the stresses and strains of living in a modern life, and I feel confident that this is the same for many others, if not everyone at some point.

Surviving or even succeeding can be all consuming, which leaves us with no time for ourselves, I saw in my own life that the balance was wrong, in fact there was no balance!  I was not living a fulfilled existence, and when I searched deeply I felt that there was something missing.  I started to explore alternative interests in regard to meditation, manifesting and spiritual pursuits which I continued for several decades.  Along with many benefits, the great thing I discovered was that the holistic approach mainly gave me time to be one to one with myself, which improved my life and mental well being.  

I have lived with allergy since a child, and I have visited specialists over the years to try and find solutions to my conditions, I have been prescribed a cocktail of pharmaceuticals, some of which provided relief in the short to medium term, and some didn’t help at all, however I could see that these prescribed medicines would not offer me long term sustainable good health.  Therefore I explored alternative nutrition and treatments available through natural foods, drinks, and remedies.  Personally I have found that these alternative health solutions have helped me to achieve longer term wellness and enabled me to plan my health over longer periods.

The number 8 has been perceived as a symbol of balance for millennia in many established cultures, I have designed Eightlife to provide my customers a range of aids to suit any individuals requirements, so that they can achieve balance and fulfilment whilst meeting their commitments within their modern lives. My commitment is to be on a continual search for items that will be of help to our customers to obtain their goals. I would also receive with great appreciation any suggestion on items that you would like me to source for you.

I sincerely hope that our site can offer you great benefit as a place to meet all of your holistic needs, and that your journey with us will lead to a better place of balance.  Thank you so much for your interest.