•   Geranium  organic essential oil

    Geranium organic essential oil

    Organic Geranium essential oil is good for varicose veins, Rosacea and Psoriasis. Also brilliant for healing rashes, cuts and bruises. 10mls

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  •   Green small  'Home' oil burner

    Green small 'Home' oil burner

    This ceramic oil burner has been finished with the best available ceramic to give that high quality standard. Great with essential oils and wax melts. A very attractive home/office decoration.

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  •   How To Meditate

    How To Meditate

    What is meditation? Why practice it? Which techniques are best? How do I do it? The answers to these questions are contained within this down to earth book, making it fantastic for beginning and maintaining a meditation practice. Written by a Western Buddhist nun with solid experience, next best thing to a personal instructor!

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  •   Lavender organic essential oil

    Lavender organic essential oil

    Organic lavender essential oil is a must have, used for a multitude of purposes including; skin conditions, aging, infections, sprays, sleep and allergy related issues. Great in a diffuser for asthma type symptoms. 10mls

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  •   Orange  organic essential oil

    Orange organic essential oil

    Organic Orange essential oil boosts the immune system and can also give a boost for some cancer cases. 10mls

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  •   Petitgrain organic essential oil

    Petitgrain organic essential oil

    Organic Petitgrain can benefit the nervous, digestive and immune systems when a couple of drops are added to water or other drinks. 10mls

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