•   Bergamot organic essential oil

    Bergamot organic essential oil

    Organic Bergamot oil can create feelings of joy and energy by improving circulation of the blood. Also helps with body odour. 10mls

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  •   Lavender organic essential oil

    Lavender organic essential oil

    Organic lavender essential oil is a must have, used for a multitude of purposes including; skin conditions, aging, infections, sprays, sleep and allergy related issues. Great in a diffuser for asthma type symptoms. 10mls

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  •   Rose Geranium organic essential oil

    Rose Geranium organic essential oil

    Organic Rose essential oil promotes calm, relaxation and decrease in blood pressure. Also good for skin conditions such as Rosacea. 10mls

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  •  Tea tree  essential oil tested for purity and quality control

    Tea tree essential oil tested for purity and quality control

    Organic tea tree oil is an essential first aid kit must have. Great for infections and oily skin/acne. Also good in insect/bathroom sprays etc. 10mls

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  • 'Flower of Life' Stainless Steel Aromatherapy car Diffuser

    'Flower of Life' Stainless Steel Aromatherapy car Diffuser

    This attractive Flower of Life design aromatherapy car diffuser is made of robust stainless steel and is an amazing addition to your car, just add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or blend to the changeable felt pad and take your fragrances wherever you drive. Easily clips onto your air vent to let the aromas flow!

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  • Amber Stones

    Amber Stones

    These amazing Amber stones are all completely different from each other and have different colours and occasionally various things trapped in them, like soil or insects. It is like holding a piece of history in your hands, they are quite lovely but will vary in size and shape too, however you know that yours is unique! Amber is created from tree resin, it falls to the ground and hardens in moist places such as river beds, lagoons and sea beds. It is fossilised and lays undisturbed for millions of years. Amber attracts good luck, eliminates fears, relieves headaches, develops patience and wisdom and dissolves negative energy. The picture is very close up so the stones are fairly small and have no real weight, they are very delicate.

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