• Amethyst Tumble Stones

    Amethyst Tumble Stones

    Allow powerful creative thinking to flow with these lovely Amethyst tumble stones. It has a very high vibration and is highly protective against psychic attacks, as well as assisting with deeper understanding when meditating.

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  • Black Velvet Pouches with red draw string

    Black Velvet Pouches with red draw string

    This pretty velvet pouch makes a lovely addition to any small gift purchase, great for crystals and tumble stones as well as diffuser or crystal jewellery.

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  • Blue Banded Agate

    Blue Banded Agate

    Blue Banded Agate builds deep trust and bonds with people, it is very effective for people who have high levels of communication throughout the day, and it helps to stabilise the aura helping to eradicate negative energy. The blue dye is added to the tumbling process to enhance the connection to the throat Chakra.

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  • Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stones

    Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stones

    These gorgeous rare Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stones promote kindness, patience, wisdom and peace. They are used in healing to treat anger, reduce infection, inflammation and fever, also to ease arthritus.

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  • Chakra Crystal Kit

    Chakra Crystal Kit

    This lovely crystal Chakra Set comes complete with 7 Chakra stones in a gauze bag and is used for Reiki and healing for experienced users and newcomers alike to use for Chakra work. Good sized crystals of mixed nature. Usually includes citrine, amethyst and sodalite.

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  • Citrine tumble stones

    Citrine tumble stones

    This beautiful light stone is symbolic of the sun and is great for self esteem and motivation, it is a powerful cleanser.

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