• Amazonite Tumble Stones

    Amazonite Tumble Stones

    Amazonite Tumble Stones are known as the Good Luck Stones, they are used for good luck when travelling as well as being a great way to protect against electromagnetic pollution. Known to help and open the throat Chakra enhancing loving conversations. The stone of courage and truth.

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  • Amber Stones

    Amber Stones

    These amazing Amber stones are all completely different from each other and have different colours and occasionally various things trapped in them, like soil or insects. It is like holding a piece of history in your hands, they are quite lovely but will vary in size and shape too, however you know that yours is unique! Amber is created from tree resin, it falls to the ground and hardens in moist places such as river beds, lagoons and sea beds. It is fossilised and lays undisturbed for millions of years. Amber attracts good luck, eliminates fears, relieves headaches, develops patience and wisdom and dissolves negative energy. The picture is very close up so the stones are fairly small and have no real weight, they are very delicate.

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  • Amethyst Tumble Stones

    Amethyst Tumble Stones

    Allow powerful creative thinking to flow with these lovely Amethyst tumble stones. It has a very high vibration and is highly protective against psychic attacks, as well as assisting with deeper understanding when meditating.

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  • Angelite Tumble Stone

    Angelite Tumble Stone

    Angelite is said to attune the user to the Angelic realms and resonates with the throat chakra, it is a healing stone of tranquility and peace bringing calm to the bearer. It helps you to speak your truth and be more compassionate whilst also heightening perception and encouraging telepathic communication whilst remaining grounded. A very soothing and peaceful stone. Do not cleanse in water as water soluble.

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  • Aquamarine Tumble Stones

    Aquamarine Tumble Stones

    Aquamarine, the treasure of the Mermaids and the vibration of water. Aqua being the water element and used by the fishermen and sailors for centuries for good luck at sea and known as Mermaids Treasure. It pacifies nerves and it's calming energies remove stress, it has an affinity with sensitive people, and it invokes tolerance and overcomes judgemental ways. A great good luck talisman.

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  • Aragonite Brown Tumble Stones

    Aragonite Brown Tumble Stones

    Brown Aragonite is about truth and understanding, encouraging feelings of self worth and confidence. It defuses anger and relieves stress combating frustrations. These beautifully aesthetic stones are all slightly different in pattern, shape and size.

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