• Himalayan salt crafted candle holder - Yin Yang polished

    Himalayan salt crafted candle holder - Yin Yang polished

    These very attractive Himalayan Salt candle holders are a natural ionizer and air purifier. They help to avoid the electrical smog that can cause unpure air emanating from our electrical devices. They can remove dust , pollen and bacteria from the air. The box it travels in may become damp due to the hydroscopic properties of the lamp.

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  • Labradorite large heart

    Labradorite large heart

    The stone of understanding, wisdom and truth, labradorite is calming and aura protecting. Each stone has slightly different colours, all are beautiful.

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  • Labradorite pebble

    Labradorite pebble

    This lovely irridescent pebble is great for a pocket or as a paperweight, it deflects negativity and protects the aura.

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  • Labradorite pencil pendant

    Labradorite pencil pendant

    Labradorite is great for Reiki use, and is good for negative energy deflection and protecting the aura.

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  • Labradorite sphere

    Labradorite sphere

    This gorgeous labradorite sphere has beautiful irridescant qualities which deflect unpleasant energy from your aura . It is good for overcoming fears and is good for protection and calming of the mind.

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  • Quartz polished point pendulum

    Quartz polished point pendulum

    This beautiful quartz point is great for grounding and raising your vibration during meditation. Particularly good for healing the abdomen, hips and legs linked to the base chakra.

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