• Amethyst points

    Amethyst points

    This lovely amethyst point will aid in healing the nervous system and balancing the Crown chakra. Colour may vary slightly from picture

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  • Black Velvet Pouches with red draw string

    Black Velvet Pouches with red draw string

    This pretty velvet pouch makes a lovely addition to any small gift purchase, great for crystals and tumble stones as well as diffuser or crystal jewellery.

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  • Chakra Disc and Crystal Set in Wallet

    Chakra Disc and Crystal Set in Wallet

    This amazing Chakra disc set contains 9 discs and 3 pairs of mini quartz points in a velvet pouch for convenience. Each flat disc has a special storage pocket and is very good quality. This lovely healing tool can be used for Reiki and meditation and carried easily with you wherever you go. The discs are mixed crystals and may vary in colour due to their natural nature.

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  • Clear Quartz Pendulum

    Clear Quartz Pendulum

    This Clear Quartz pendulum is a thing of beauty, rough cut but with a polished surface and an 18 cm chain. An amazing addition to your dousing kit or whatever requirement you may have. It has the ability to aid concentration and unlock memories, stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.

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  • Elestial Quartz Pendant/Pendulum

    Elestial Quartz Pendant/Pendulum

    Elestial Quartz is a specific crystalline formation mainly composed of Smokey Quartz, but sometimes Clear Quartz and Amethyst, it is etched and multi layered with crystals. It means Crystal of the Angels and brings you their love, wisdom. It is a powerful crystal as it will harmoniously combine its vibrational energies with your physical and energetic body.

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  • Himalayan Salt Chunk Fire Bowl

    Himalayan Salt Chunk Fire Bowl

    This lovely Himalayan salt lamp is beautifully designed like a Fire Bowl. USB cable is 150 cms long. Salt lamps are believed to de-ionize the air. This helps to defend against the pollution of electrical smog from electrical equipment which can potentially cause air pollution. Can remove dust, pollen and bacteria from the air. The box the lamp travels in may become damp due to the hydroscopic properties of the lamp.

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