• Red Jasper Tumble Stones

    Red Jasper Tumble Stones

    Red Jasper tumble stones bring out your energy and passion, good for sex drive and balancing your base Chakra, also excellent for strength and courage, helping to emotionally balance.

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  • Selenite Cleansing Bowl

    Selenite Cleansing Bowl

    This must have Selenite Cleansing Bowl cleanses other crystals by placing your collection inside it. Selenite has many healing and mystical properties, it is a crystallised form of Gypsum which is used for good luck and protection. Selenite is great for spiritual work and can open and activate the Crown Chakra and improve memory.

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  • Tigers Eye Polished Tumble Stones

    Tigers Eye Polished Tumble Stones

    These gorgeous gold brown Tigers Eye tumble stones contain black iron oxide staining which shows off the lovely striped appearance looking like an eye. This stone is amazing for restoring and improving self confidence and can overcome lethargy, with the added bonus of attracting ease of abundance.

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