• Chakra Crystal Kit

    Chakra Crystal Kit

    This lovely crystal Chakra Set comes complete with 7 Chakra stones in a gauze bag and is used for Reiki and healing for experienced users and newcomers alike to use for Chakra work. Good sized crystals of mixed nature. Usually includes citrine, amethyst and sodalite.

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  • Citrine tumble stones

    Citrine tumble stones

    This beautiful light stone is symbolic of the sun and is great for self esteem and motivation, it is a powerful cleanser.

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  • Crown Chakra Scented Candle

    Crown Chakra Scented Candle

    This lovely little Crown Chakra candle comes in a pretty little jar and is designed to help to balance your Crown Chakra, this candle has the scent lotus for Awakening, and is for clarifying and transforming the senses.

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  • Flourite massage wand

    Flourite massage wand

    This gorgeous crystal wand helps to eliminate negative energy that accumulates in the body, so great for massaging tensions away. Colours may vary slightly.

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  • Flourite pencil pendant

    Flourite pencil pendant

    This lovely pendant is an attractive concentration aid for work or home to achieve concentration and reduce stress. Colours may vary.

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  • Flourite tumble stones

    Flourite tumble stones

    These Flourite stones are a fabulous pocket sized aid for concentration and focus, eliminating stress.

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