•  Chakra sphere pentagram cone pendulum set

    Chakra sphere pentagram cone pendulum set

    Chakra pentagram set with 7 interchangeable chakra spheres. Size, shape and colour may vary slightly from the image.

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  • Amethyst faceted cone pendulum

    Amethyst faceted cone pendulum

    This beautiful amethyst pendulum is great for dowsing and meditation, and healing the nervous system and helping insomnia. 20g crystal

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  • Amethyst large heart

    Amethyst large heart

    This beautiful amethyst heart will help with the nervous system and balance your Crown chakra when used with meditiation. Colour may vary slightly, roughly 25g.

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  • Amethyst points

    Amethyst points

    This lovely amethyst point will aid in healing the nervous system and balancing the Crown chakra. Colour may vary slightly from picture

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  • Amethyst Tumble Stones

    Amethyst Tumble Stones

    Allow powerful creative thinking to flow with these lovely Amethyst tumble stones. It has a very high vibration and is highly protective against psychic attacks, as well as assisting with deeper understanding when meditating.

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  • Blue Banded Agate

    Blue Banded Agate

    Blue Banded Agate builds deep trust and bonds with people, it is very effective for people who have high levels of communication throughout the day, and it helps to stabilise the aura helping to eradicate negative energy. The blue dye is added to the tumbling process to enhance the connection to the throat Chakra.

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