• Amber Stones

    Amber Stones

    These amazing Amber stones are all completely different from each other and have different colours and occasionally various things trapped in them, like soil or insects. It is like holding a piece of history in your hands, they are quite lovely but will vary in size and shape too, however you know that yours is unique! Amber is created from tree resin, it falls to the ground and hardens in moist places such as river beds, lagoons and sea beds. It is fossilised and lays undisturbed for millions of years. Amber attracts good luck, eliminates fears, relieves headaches, develops patience and wisdom and dissolves negative energy. The picture is very close up so the stones are fairly small and have no real weight, they are very delicate.

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  • Amethyst faceted cone pendulum

    Amethyst faceted cone pendulum

    This beautiful amethyst pendulum is great for dowsing and meditation, and healing the nervous system and helping insomnia. 20g crystal

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  • Amethyst Heart

    Amethyst Heart

    This beautiful amethyst heart will help with the nervous system and balance your Crown chakra when used with meditiation. Colour may vary slightly, roughly 25g.

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  • Amethyst points

    Amethyst points

    This lovely amethyst point will aid in healing the nervous system and balancing the Crown chakra. Colour may vary slightly from picture

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  • Chakra Crystal Kit

    Chakra Crystal Kit

    This lovely crystal Chakra Set comes complete with 7 Chakra stones in a gauze bag and is used for Reiki and healing for experienced users and newcomers alike to use for Chakra work. Good sized crystals of mixed nature. Usually includes citrine, amethyst and sodalite.

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  • Chakra Disc and Crystal Set in Wallet

    Chakra Disc and Crystal Set in Wallet

    This amazing Chakra disc set contains 9 discs and 3 pairs of mini quartz points in a velvet pouch for convenience. Each flat disc has a special storage pocket and is very good quality. This lovely healing tool can be used for Reiki and meditation and carried easily with you wherever you go. The discs are mixed crystals and may vary in colour due to their natural nature.

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