• Labradorite tumble stones


    Labradorite is irridescent and its reflecting light deflects negative energy and protects the aura whilst also calming the mind and aiding intuition.

  • Mini Singing Bowl Gift Set Black

    Singing Bowls

    These beautifully hand made mini singing bowls from Tibet are an amazing aid for meditation and relaxation. Easy to travel with and very attractive they promote inner calm and would make a perfect gift. On using, the base tone is unchanged and the wave sound differs with vibration. Comes in an attractive carry case with striker.

  • Root Chakra Scented Candle

    Tea Lights and Candles

    This lovely Root Chakra Rose scented candle comes in a pretty jar and is designed to help to balance your Root Chakra. The Rose scent is designed for Nurturing, Strengthening and Grounding the senses.

  • Serpentine New Jade Healing Power Set


    This great Gift Set contains a Serpentine New Jade Thumb Stone, Wand and Tumble stone pendant. This amazing crystal is so healing and can be used for massage and stress relief. Use the wand for massaging the body and the pendant and thumb stone to carry around for stress relief.