• Animal Wisdom Tarot cards 78 card deck and guidebook

    Animal Wisdom Tarot cards 78 card deck and guidebook

    Dawn Brunke's deck of 78 beautifully illustrated cards will help you make sense of your past, present and future through the loving messages from the animal world. Includes a 96 page book explaining the cards and their meanings. Set now has new cover pictures.

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  • Crystal Energy Tarot 78 cards 64 page book

    Crystal Energy Tarot 78 cards 64 page book

    A pack of 78 cards and a 64 page Guide book which explains how to lay out the cards and detailed meanings for each card including its associated chakra, to use for readings, healing or meditation.

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  • The Angel Tarot

    The Angel Tarot

    Connect with your angels via the ancient art of tarot with this beautiful box set of 78 cards and an accompanying guidebook. International clairvoyant Jayne Wallace presents her first Angel Tarot a full deck of 78 angel-inspired cards that bring you daily messages and predictions from the angelic realm. Whether you need hope, guidance, love, insight, strength or healing, this unique tarot naturally guides you to intuitively connect with heaven-sent wisdom to find the answers you need. From predicting the future to seeing the past and present with clarity, these cards will show you where your heart and spirit need to go. In the guidebook, discover six ways to lay out the cards for a reading, from a classic three-card Angels of Time spread to the Angel Wings spread for manifesting a wish. The card interpretations explain the cards symbols and meanings, along with an angelic affirmation to support you in your everyday life. Whether you are a novice or tarot aficionado, this beautiful, artist-commissioned deck infuses every tarot reading with divine guidance.

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  • The Art of Tarot card deck box gift set

    The Art of Tarot card deck box gift set

    Liz Dean. Before you were born you worked with your angels to orchestrate a life mission that would be emotionally rewarding, these cards will allow you to conduct accurate and trustworthy readings to explore that life purpose. 44 cards.

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  • Understanding Tarot

    Understanding Tarot

    Liz Deans book explains what your tarot cards really mean, fortune telling and giving you a clear picture of past, present, future.

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