• Bath Bomb Bingo!

    Bath Bomb Bingo!

    Have some fun with Bath Bomb Bingo! You will receive 4 Jumbo Bath Bombs and 4 Aromatherapy Bath Bombs in your Gift Bag. They all smell amazing and will brighten and scent any bathroom or body with delicious essential oil aromas. Yorkshire Violet, Wake Up, Five For Her, Frankincense and Rose, Clary Sage and Juniper Berry, Peppermint and Tea Tree, Decadence and Lavender and Marjoram. (substitutes may be made if a high demand).

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  • Cherry jumbo bath bomb

    Cherry jumbo bath bomb

    This delicious smelling cherry jumbo bath bomb is a treat for anyone! They are a huge 180 + grams and contain shea butter for smooth skin.

    RRP: £3.00

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  • Cleanse and Pamper Gift Pack

    Cleanse and Pamper Gift Pack

    Send your best wishes with this lovely Cleanse and Pamper Gift Pack. Each Gift Bag contains one reed diffuser, (scents include Lemon Lavender, Baby Powder, Sandalwood & Black Pepper), one bar of Rosehip Artisan soap, a wooden massager, a Rose and Petals jumbo bath bomb, a Konjac sponge and a Luxury Handwash (Peony and Blush Suede or Frankincense and Myrrh). The reed diffuser uses only the finest grade oils for a pure scent, and the soap and handwash also add that touch of luxury with their quality aromas. Take the hard work out of your gift with a complete package that is ready to go. (packed with quality shredded paper). You can state a preference of handwash and reed diffuser on the payment page in 'Comments' whilst stocks last, once gone sadly we need to add the other choices available.

    RRP: £40.98

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  • Five for Her jumbo bath bomb

    Five for Her jumbo bath bomb

    Feel sexy and all woman with this sensual perfumed bathtime experience. Five for Her bath bombs are great value at 180+g, they contain shea butter for smooth skin.

    RRP: £3.00

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  • Five for Him jumbo bath bomb

    Five for Him jumbo bath bomb

    Macho masculine and mainly for men, a heady bathroom experience. Each ball weighs in at 180g, each bath bomb contains shea butter for smoother skin.

    RRP: £3.00

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  • His Gift Pack

    His Gift Pack

    Make your favourite man smile with this amazing 'His Gift Pack', a complete gift in one for all grooming and hangover needs! This pack contains a Five For Him jumbo bath bomb, Detox bath salts, Beard oil (Viking Musk or Roman Gladiator), Bamboo cotton buds, A set of men's bracelets (various designs), a bar of Dead Sea Mud Soap, a Body scrub brush, and a 10ml bottle of 'Hangover' blended essential oil! all contained in a Gift Bag so you can present it to him with minimum difficulty.

    RRP: £43.40

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